We know how difficult it is to hire an experienced professionals, so we help you build strong teams leading you towards success, but without the staffing stress.

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Are you a healthcare facility concerned with your RN situation?

You already know you should take care of your top nurses to make sure they don’t develop burnout, but you also know finding nurses, let alone excellent ones, is a challenge on its own. This is where Rite Konnection’s solutions can help while saving you lots of time and money.

If you’re a Nurse Manager, Director of Nursing, or Chief Nursing Officer, your job will be much less stressful when you allow us to take care of some of your responsibilities.

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Are you a HR Manager looking for the best IT professionals or up & coming talent?

You likely won’t be able to keep up the reach and develop a staffing strategy to the same extent as we can because we focus on this 24/7. You have better things to attend to, and it just so happens that we specialize in this area that can not only cause headaches but also help your teams work more efficiently.

You might even want to hire our talent full-time once you see the effect they have on your business. We’ll make it all effortless for you to navigate the hiring process and make the right connection.

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Hiring smart is critical to your business success.
Don’t end up suffering the consequences of shortages and talent gaps.

Your people strategy goes beyond human resources. As a Chief Nursing Officer, Director of Nursing, or Nurse Manager, you know and we know that your most important (and most costly) business asset is — your people. We’re here to help you create, expand, and reschedule your agile teams to accomplish your most pressing business goals.
Here are a few solutions for you to get started with.

Our staffing solutions

Per-Diem Staffing

You want to earn more per hour but don’t like getting stuck in a routine? Try working “per-day” to enjoy more flexibility and variety on the job.

Contract Staffing

Do you want temporary work while you set yourself up for even better opportunities? Take on a contract and decide when you’ll stop working to make time for a personal break, or a new step in your career.

Direct Hire Search

Do you want to check out the best job offers before they go public? Contact us so we can get to know you better, or leave us your resume to be considered.

Have you decided you need to hire a new nurse or replace a current one?
Contact us so we can offer you someone better, or request staff directly to get the ball rolling.

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Your leadership can make the difference between a team that thrives and a team that dies.

It’s essential for CNOs, DONs, and nurse managers to cultivate high-trust cultures on their units to create teams that enhance the quality of patient care. When you’re ready to build or expand a transformational cohesive nursing unit that will strengthen workplace effectiveness, and improve quality of care and patient outcomes – just know you’ve found the Rite Konnection.

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